Frustrated with trying to get the right hoof boot fit? Click here to learn about my worry-free SCOOT BOOT fitting and demo/trial program!!

We Supply Boots to Barefoot Trimmers!

Timberline Tack  is a fully-stocked Scoot Boot shop. I supply boots and all accessories for barefoot trimmers throughout the US, whether you want to fit the boots yourself, or have us do it! Horse owners and their horses LOVE Scoot Boots! They can be a big value-add to your business as well as make it easier for your customers to stay barefoot and booted!

If you’d like to fit boots yourself:

I can direct you how to get set up as a rep with Scoot Boot and started with a fit kit, then walk through the fitting process with you. You can order your stock from Scoot Boot, or, if you are in a hurry for something i can ship priority mail to you or your client within  the US. You are responsible for fitting and follow up so I can offer attractive pricing for this option.

If you’d like me to fit boots:

If you just want to concentrate on trimming and leave the boot fitting to me, I can do that too. I have fit hundreds of boots remotely and have a successful fitting and trial program (details here: Timberline Tack Fitting and Trial Program)

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