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Easy and Economical DIY Scoot Boot Gaiters

There are a few gaiter "mods" out there in Scoot Boot land. One is wrapping the trail gaiters with duct tape. I prefer these DIY gaiters made of EVA foam tape wrapped with duct tape. They don't hold any water or grit, they are cushy, they hold up well, and you can make about 4 pairs with a $10 roll of EVA tape. 

All you need is EVA tape (sold right here) duct tape, and scissors. I like 3M duct tape, the real duct tape that is very sticky, thick, and soft to the touch. I also like "Duck Tape" brand in the solid colors. The patterns seem to be less sticky, thinner and less cushy feeling. I avoid Gorilla Tape as it is more rigid. 

Here is how I make the gaiters: 

YouTube video


We have the EVA tape available in our online store for $10 plus a few bucks shipping. These are 4 meter rolls, 40 mm wide and 3 mm thick: 

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