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Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra Jogging Shoe
Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra Jogging Shoe
Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra Jogging Shoe
Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra Jogging Shoe
Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra Jogging Shoe
Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra Jogging Shoe

Equine Fusion All Terrain Ultra Jogging Shoe

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We are now carrying one model of Equine Fusion jogging boots, the All-Terrain Ultra, to accommodate hard-to-fit horses we cannot fit in Scoot Boots. This includes horses with underrun or high heels as well as unusual hoof shapes as might be found with a horse undergoing hoof rehab. 

Since many of my customers are familiar with Scoots, here is a comparison of a few features: 

- Equine Fusions have a soft upper so are more forgiving in fit.

- Equine Fusions are more upright at the toe so can accommodate more clubby hooves.

- Scoots are much lower profile and form fitting,  but I have one customer using Equine Fusions for an Icelandic horse and they even tolt successfully in them. 

-Scoots are more open to allow sediment that enters the boot to be flung out with the horse's movement, however the Equine Fusions are stil breathable via mesh material in the upper part.

-Equine Fusions weigh about 5 oz. more per boot.

-Equine Fusions are a bit fussier to put on

-Equine Fusions accommodate thicker pads if needed for rehab, and the sole is thicker to begin with so is suitable for rehabbing a thin soled or foundered horse.

- Equine Fusions cover the entire heel for horses that need more protection from rocks or hind feet. 

I will only be keeping a limited stock on hand but am able to place special orders for out of stock items upon request. If your size is showing out if stock,ease message me. 



  • Easy to open the shoe wide, and put the shoe on the hoof.
  • Intuitive locking mechanism with two-band locking mechanism.
  • Easy to take off.


  • Adaptable for hooves with odd shape, form or angles.
  • The upper part consists of a two-band locking mechanism.
  • Suitable for horses with a distinct natural twisting movement that can lead to twisting.
  • The Slim series is designed for best fit on hind hooves due to narrow sole shape and a lower back part. (However, the Equine Fusion slim models may also be suitable for front hooves in many cases.)


  • Due to the adaptable upper and the fastening system you can fasten the shoe tight around the hoof to stay on.
  • The shoe can be used for turnout in paddock/fields.


  • The flexible boot allows the hoof to sink into the rubber sole for full contact with the horse's sole to promote natural blood flow and stimulation.
  • Improved rubber sole the provides the horse with more dampening and stability.
  • Optimal break over.
  • The upper part is soft and comfortable for the horse.
  • Breathable material.
  • Can be used if your horse is in a rehabilitation period or suffering from any lower limb/hoof problems such as laminitis, hoof sensitivity, abscesses etc.


  • Stud kit All Terrain can be installed (optional to add dampening pads)
  • Unique tread design provides you with excellent grip.
  • The amount of grip will change if the surface is wet. Always consider safety for horse and rider regarding wet/dry surfaces